Monthly Free Activities for October 2015

All aboard the Learning Train! Learning Train is making monthly stops to give away free educational activities. Each month we feature new printable worksheets for your kids. These worksheets help give kids the extra practice they need to develop strong academic skills in reading and math. We also feature fun hands-on projects that encourage kids’ creativity. Worksheets vary month to month and cover all grade levels Pre-K and up.

Reading Roundup

Develop a strong foundation in language arts with worksheets that cover topics including the alphabet, phonics, reading, writing practice, and more.

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Math Mania

Practice makes perfect with these fun worksheets that include a variety of topics including addition, subtraction, multiplication and more.

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Clever Creations

Kids will enjoy creating a new seasonal project each month with these step-by-step instructions.

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Just for Fun

Reinforce skills with a little extra fun. Worksheets include crossword puzzles, connect-the-dot activities and more.

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